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Is Technology Killing Your Grammar?

Text messages, Facebook statuses, Tweets — if you write any of these, you probably resort to techspeak as shorthand to save both time and space. Is digital shorthand jeopardizing your assignments?

Write It Right: Why Two Eyes Are Better Than a Grammar Checker

Since this post will be poking fun at Spam grammar, it could also be known as Spammer Grammar #2. If you missed my original fun post on Spammer Grammar, feel free to click over and read before continuing. Today, I would like to offer an object lesson on why grammar-checking software should never take the […]


Grammar (good, bad, and sometimes ugly) is part and parcel of this whole writing gig. Some rules are hard and fast. Others seem to flex and bend like Salvador Dali timepieces. A few good examples of grammar rules that have lost their rigidity over time can be found in a page titled: “Language Myths” on this […]

Spammer Grammar #1

The comment count continues to grow here at B&B. Thanks to all who chime in! With the good comes the bad–the inevitable spam. Many times, spam writers are not native English speakers, or if they are, they have run over the grammar in their sentences with a lawn mower before posting. These comments make my […]

Using the Write…er…Right Words in Your Writing

Some things about Facebook make me crazy. Perhaps one of the biggest twitch inducers is any status message that substitutes YOUR for YOU’RE. Homonyms, homophones, and homographs can trick even the most seasoned writers. Sometimes the confusion stems from not knowing how to spell the word you mean to use. I can remember a time when I […]

Grammar Video: Could you care less?

Did you read the title of this post and think: “I couldn’t care less?” If so, congratulations! You got it right. You may still enjoy this video clip from David Mitchell’s Soapbox. Here David Mitchell offers a humorously English take on the difference between  “could care less” and “couldn’t care less.” Stick around until the […]


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