“Begin at the beginning.”

Those four words contain the best advice for writers. After all, every writing project, be it composing an article or writing a blog, must have its start somewhere.

This post is one such beginning. I’ve never had a blog before. I’m not sure what it eats, or if it is likely to shred the furniture if I leave it alone too long. Like most of the beginnings that I’ve poked, prodded and muddled through in nearly two decades as a freelance writer, I don’t have a clue where this one might lead. Yet.

In the postings to come, there will likely be ramblings, rants, and other nonsense about writing. Some of what I share might even be entertaining, helpful or inspiring. But let’s not jump into that yet. Those are middle things, and I’m still working my way through this beginning.

For now, I’m going to get acquainted with this new blog. Maybe I’ll take it for a little walk. Come along and together, we’ll see where this beginning leads us.


2 comments on “Beginnings

  1. Heh. I just posted on AW about this template, which isn’t available for off-site installs, is one of my very favorites.

    Welcome to blogging!

  2. Thanks for the warm welcome!

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