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Vampires Don’t Sparkle and Other Things You Can Learn from the One-Star Review

I wasn’t going to post anything today. I planned to mind my own writerly business, take the weekend off, clean my house, and enjoy a break from the computer screen. At the same time, I have a pet nonfiction book that I’m trying to keep alive while juggling a full plate of work. So, even […]

Weekend Assignment: Heard Any Good Characters Lately?

Some writers talk about being “people watchers”. I’m more of a “people listener”. Eavesdropping is almost a compulsion with me. I think it is because I find some of my most interesting characters just by listening to out-of-context comments from strangers. Or maybe I’m just incurably nosy. Ahem. For this weekend’s assignment, be an eavesdropper. […]

All Stories, All the Time

My dad is a compulsive storyteller. Compulsive as in, “just try to stop me” storyteller. The stories are a part of him. Tell them he must. (Yes, I’m feeling a bit Yoda-ish today.) When you sit down with my dad, you never know if you are going to hear true-life tales of taxis caught in […]

Submit, Submit, Submit (ep. 2)

Today is one of those days that make me question my chosen profession. Contract glitches, computer screw-ups, unanswered e-mails, phone calls that don’t get returned and  payroll departments that haven’t quite grasped their function… *whine* *pout* *sulk* We now return you to the professional-sounding part of this post… The truth is, I love being a […]

“No” Is the Easy Answer: Writing to Avoid Rejection

Yesterday’s post over at The Rejectionist has some very good things to say about publishing and rejection: “Publishing is like New York. Author-friends, The Publishing Industry does not give a shit about you unless you can make it money. Publishing is not interested in your dreams or in holding your hand until you achieve them. […]

Writing the Single-Sentence Story Summary

This week, over at the Advanced Fiction Writing Blog, author Randy Ingermanson once again dove into the world of the one-sentence story summary. Ingermanson spent the month of March conducting a workshop via his blog to help others write these tantalizing tidbits which are useful in both focusing a story idea before you write it, […]

Weekend Assignment: Writing & Journals

What does a journal look like? When I first started writing, I had this grand notion that it should be something literary and lovely. Something my heirs’ heirs would cherish. Or at least make a fistful of money from. I learned that approaching a journal that way was handing myself a one-way ticket to writer’s […]

Today’s Lesson from The Horrible Warning

If you can’t be a good example, then you’ll just have to serve as a horrible warning. ~ Catherine Aird While I’ve been fortunate in my career to have several steady gigs that pay my bills, recently, one of those gigs went away (due to the economy) and I’ve been tossed back out into the […]

Submit, submit, submit

Today, one of the top items on my to-do list is “find markets for pending queries.”  so, I thought I’d take the opportunity to share some market information/guidelines that I’ve uncovered here. The links take you directly to the submission guidelines for each publication. Disclaimer: Bear in mind that I am sharing these links not […]

Weekend Assignment: 100 Ideas

Ideas — Get some using this technique.