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Show up, write, repeat.

The tagline for this blog sounds simple, right?

Well, of course it does. Mainly because “Show up, check email, indulge in a round of solitaire, visit the social network, stare off into space, pound forehead on desk, write, repeat.”  wouldn’t fit into the space allotted. Plus, it’s not as catchy. But I digress…  The point is, the bits that made the cut for the tagline also hold the secret to writing success.

Show up.

I can’t count the number of times I have heard a would-be writer say: “I just can’t seem to find the time to write.” The difference between wannabes and writers is a simple one. Wannabes talk about the roadblocks to writing. Writers climb over them and show up for work.  Unless you’re a brain surgeon who moonlights as a rocket scientist for NASA, if you want to write, you have time. Find it. Carve out a chunk early in the morning before your day job or school; tune in to your muse instead of vegging in front of the TV. If you want write, sacrifice a lesser activity and show up ready to work.


Writing happens one word at a time. Ignore the email, resist the urge to wander into the kitchen to see if the food fairy has visited, and get your fingers moving across the keyboard. Dive in and write whatever moves you. Stumped for a place to start? Choose one of the writing prompts at Writer’s Digest and pretend it’s an assignment from an editor. Give yourself a deadline and stick to it.


Come back tomorrow and do it all over again. In fact, come back the day after that too. And the day after that, and so on.

Three simple steps. Follow them and you’ll be on the way to success.


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