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July Writing Sparks

I took the above photo a couple of years back while on a road trip down the Oregon coast. I’ve often wondered about the soul who, for whatever reason, was inspired to paint those two words on a guardrail. I mean, they could have written anything.  I suppose a lack of sleep could have robbed them of the ability to pen something more profound. I know that this weekend’s lack of sleep has affected me in that way. The difference is, instead of posting “NO SLEEP”, and going back to bed, I’m going to write a little more. What I have to say may not be any more profound, but… no sleep.

For those of you struggling for inspiration at the end of a long holiday weekend, I offer these sparks for your creativity.

  • Use the above photo as an inspiration. Maybe you have a tale to tell about the person who painted the words on the guardrail. Perhaps an essay on how lack of sleep affects you. A flash fiction piece about an insomniac? Or maybe you can imagine a different message painted on the metal?
  • Check out the list of July holidays at Holiday Insights (Notice that today is Work-a-holics Day?) Brainstorm a list of things you could write about any of the more unusual holidays on the list.
  • One of my favorite sites to visit when my own muse is on holiday vacation is Brian Andreas’ Story People. Click on “Storyland” in the upper left menu, then “Top Ten Stories” to get started. His flash vignettes are often enough to inspire me to want to write the “story behind the story”.  Careful though, these little nibbles can be addictive.

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