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Thank You, Mr. LaBeouf

Today, while I was driving, the radio station I was listening to played a snippet of an interview between Billy Bush and Transformers star, Shia LaBeouf. I was only half-listening when LaBeouf made a comment that snared my attention. It was a great quote, and I wish that I had been able to capture it, but the whole “keep the hands on the steering wheel and pay attention to traffic” thing got in the way. I came home and Googled, hoping to find a transcript or audio of the interview, but no dice. So, I’ll have to share the gist of the quote instead.

LaBeouf was talking about starting as a young actor and working hard because¬† he “didn’t want to be three-fourths successful.” If that meant pushing himself, that’s what he did.

Pretty wise for a twenty-four year old. Nobody sets out to be three-quarters of a success. But sometimes we all need a little reminder.¬† So this week’s mantra is directly inspired by LaBeouf’s quote.

“Don’t be three-fourths successful.”

Push harder, dig deeper, write more, and submit, submit, submit.


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