Endangered Words

I stumbled upon this (through stumbleupon.com) this afternoon. I couldn’t resist sharing. The site itself is pretty self-explanatory.

Save the Words

To get the full effect, you must hear the words begging to be adopted. Click on a word to read its definition.

I wonder how many of these I can work into my dinner conversation?


8 comments on “Endangered Words

  1. I never should have clicked on the link. The words begging to be adopted had me laughing out loud… Too bad I was at the university library working on my thesis at the time.

  2. I keep adopting words, then writing them down. Now I have to figure out how to work eicastic and primifluous into everyday conversation…

  3. First, I like the Endangered Words thingie lots and lots. Mac made me comment here. Don’t listen to her or Lori. They’re clueless. And Mean. They can both beat me at Scrabble.

    1. Enable Akismet, if you can here.
    2. In Settings/Comments set it so that approved commentaters (like me but NOT Lori or Mac because they can both beat me at Scrabble) can comment.
    3. Also, in the same Setting, set Comments with two or more URLs to Moderation.

    • Thanks, Lisa. I think I’ve got it all figured out. Well, part of it, anyway. If the screen turns bright pink and yodeling audio begins to play every time the page loads, we’ll know differently.

  4. Lisa, what you probably don’t realize is Barb is a Scrabble savant. She routinely trounces us at Scrabble. Sometimes she let’s us get ahead of her point-wise just so she can have the challenge of coming from behind. If we get within 100-points of her on our own, she thinks she’s played poorly.

  5. The “Lori is clueless” thing, I’ll readily agree is true.

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