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August Writing Sparks


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Thanks to Debbie Ridpath Ohi at inkygirl.com for her wonderful sense of humor about freelance writing and the generosity to let others borrow her comics.

Whether it’s to pay the bills or soothe the soul, here are some ideas to inspire you to write this month.

  • Andrew Bosley has built a neat little application to help prod him when he needs inspiration for his art, but it translates well for us writers too. He calls it The Brainstormer. It is also just plain fun to play with. At least, that’s what Hyde says.
  • The Writer’s Almanac – Garrison Keillor hosts this little bit of public radio every day, providing a daily dose of poetry, trivia, and literary history. The link is for yesterday (I worked ahead) so you’ll have to click the next button to see the almanac page for August 1st.
  • If you are doing the freelance time warp, it’s officially February for pubs with a six month lead time. Check out the unusual February holidays at Brownielocks.com for ideas.
  • Hyde’s Pick of the month:  Glogster because, well, just because, she says. Here you’ll find a multimedia “glog” site where you can design poster blogs. With sparkles. Or, you can read some of the glogs that are posted and invent characters to match the posters.

Last but not least, the Back-to-School Do Good Link: (It’s not exactly sparks material, but the timing was right and it’s a good cause.)

  • Writers need readers. Help build the next generation of our client base. Click on over to We Give Books. The organization donates books to children’s charities for every online children’s title that’s read. You don’t even have to register if you don’t want to. Although, membership unlocks lots more books and it’s free.

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