Does This Mean I’m a Twit?

I have now officially joined Twitter. I must admit that so far, I have no clue what all the fuss is about. It looks like a great pastime to pursue while watching the proverbial deadlines go whooshing by. In other words Hyde is all for it.She is currently lobbying for an account all of her very own. Now there’s a scary thought.

If you want to follow me, my screen name, handle, whatever is: ThatBarbPerson. Eventually, I will have the time and will to figure out how to add a twitter button to B&B. But as am in a deadline crunch this week, don’t look for it to happen soon.

Tweet me and say hello. 🙂

I’ll try not to act like a twit.


6 comments on “Does This Mean I’m a Twit?

  1. Heh. ‘Bout time, you. 🙂 It’s great for, uhhh, networking!

  2. I’m a little bit concerned that my conscious, everyday, working-brain is egging on your respective Hydes.

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