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Submit, Submit, Submit (ep. 3)

This week I’ve been a little distracted from blogging. So, if you’ve popped in and wondered what happened to me and why there was a shortage of new posts, don’t worry, Hyde has not tied me up and stuffed me into a closet so that she could engage in Hyde-like pursuits.

Between a rather large deadline, a smaller deadline,  a couple of new queries, the start of school for The Boy, large dogs that need their annual checkups (but can’t be carted to the vet at the same time because they fight) a free online writers’ conference for children’s writers (writeoncon.com ) a networking lunch, training so that I can legally serve alcohol at a local stadium (don’t ask), and daily trips to the gym, I’ve been meeting myself coming and going. Wow, now that I’ve typed it all out, I understand why I am TIRED. And that’s just the stuff I managed to REMEMBER.

Just an aside here, while I’m thinking about it, the writing conference? Mucho cool idea and worth checking out even if you don’t write for kids. Absolutely everything is archived on the site, so even if you’ve missed the live exchanges and workshops, you can still read transcripts of it all. (This is mostly how I’ve been following it, and trust me folks, good stuff out there. Query letter critiques by agents, tips for better dialogue, hints for making revisions… the list goes on.)

Okay, back to the show…

Here are a few links to contributor guidelines for markets I’ve explored recently, plus notes about a couple of others.

Disclaimer: Bear in mind that I am sharing these links not endorsing them. While I’ve checked out these sites, always read the complete guidelines before submitting anything AND always do your homework.

Working Mother (Be advised: guidelines haven’t been updated since 2009)

Garden & Gun

Mother Earth News

Carolina Home + Garden

The Old Farmer’s Almanac (pop-up alert)

Scholastic Parent & Child (no online guidelines):
Rarely accepts freelance work and is mostly staff written, although they did send me a nice response letter to my request for guidelines. They read queries, but buy very little.

National Wildlife (no online guidelines):
Full guidelines are available via mail (address below). In the submissions section, they instruct: “Write a one-to-two page proposal letter outlining what you plan to cover and how you will organize the material.” Proposal letters can be mailed to Editor, Mark Wexler at 11100 Wildlife Center Dr. Reston, Virginia 20190. Email queries can be sent to pubs@nwf.org


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