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Feast or Famine

I often tell people that being a freelancer means always looking for a job, but never actually holding one. You snag one assignment, meet the deadline, collect the paycheck and, if you are smart, sometime during the process start hunting the next gig.

I typically have too many projects at once, or am in such a lull that a job at the local video store starts to look good. Luckily, the next project always comes along, nobody starves and the bills all get paid.

Currently, I’m in feast mode. I have a book deadline, revisions due on my regular monthly gig, and the constant hunt for the next gig.

I have not forgotten you, my pretties. I’m just in the middle of a juggling act.

So, while I’m off trying to clear my plate, I’ll share with you this great idea from author Dee Garretson. Recently she tweeted about  writing queries based on popular movies for practice. She posted two sample queries based on the Wizard of Oz on her blog  here.

Check them out and give the idea a try.


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