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Submit, Submit, Submit (ep. 4)

It’s that time again. Time for a few more links to contributor’s guidelines that I’ve amassed in my recent marketing quest. Posting them here serves two purposes.  One, I know where they are if I need them again.  And two, it lets me share them with you. Maybe you’ll find something useful.

If this batch seems a bit more oddly grouped than others, blame Hyde. She was in charge of market research and she is… er easily distracted. At least she’s finally stopped singing the theme song from Green Acres.

Disclaimer: Bear in mind that I am sharing these links not endorsing them. While I’ve checked out these sites, always read the complete guidelines before submitting anything AND always do your homework.

Now, with no further ado:

Garden Railways Magazine (Adventures in outdoor model railroading)

CKI Magazine (Kiwanas – Used to be Circle K. I think they publish annually)

Babble (online parenting)

Dogs in Canada (um… Dogs, like, in Canada)

GUD Magazine (literary and  genre fiction, art, poetry)

E the Environmental magazine


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