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Weekend Assignment: I Was Drunk the Day E.T. Left Alpha Centauri

Over at Strange Horizons the editors have compiled a list of spec fic stories they’ve seen one time too many. As I was reading through them, I was reminded  of the David Allen Coe song You Never Even Called Me by My Name. In particular, I’d call your attention to the spoken part of the lyrics (right before the last verse) where Mr. Coe describes the ingredients for the perfect country song. This is, of course a tongue in cheek poke at all the country song cliches ever created, and the lyricist, bless his twisted soul, managed to cram them all into the last verse of the song. If you’ve never heard the song, you can listen to it on YouTube here.


Those two things came together in the petri dish that is this skull of mine, and, through a process I won’t describe, became part of this Weekend’s Assignment.

Take a deep breath. Are you ready? Okay. This weekend’s assignment for limbering up those writing muscles and having some fun:

Using the story cliches from Strange Horizons as inspiration, and the final verse of the song for structure, plant your tongue firmly in cheek and write a new song verse. Feel free to write a new chorus,  if the mood strikes.

If you want to show and tell, post it on your blog and link back to it in the comments here.

Happy Writing!


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