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Horror Headlines Pt. 2

Copyright 2010 Barbara A. Tyler In response to last weekend’s assignment, I decided to write a little zombie limerick. I discovered, however, that the newspaper clipping generator I suggested was inadequate for any form of poetry, as it wanted to clump everything together in a two-column format, regardless of the line breaks. BUMMER. A quick […]

Writers Need Emergency Preparedness Too

Today started out as one of those days. My husband woke me at O-Dark-Thirty to tell me he was taking my truck to work because his was having mechanical issues. I guess this was kind of him, as it prevented me from wondering if I’d been out sleep-driving and forgotten where I parked, but it […]

Writing Burnout

Image via Wikipedia It’s better to burn out than fade away.  ~ Neil Young Burnout. I haz it. I can always tell when I’ve started to hit that critical threshold during my writing routine. Hyde comes out to play, I debate if naps should be tax deductible, and I start contemplating a new career as […]

Weekend Assignment: Horror Headlines

I love to combine writing with random things I find on the Internet. It gives me the perfect excuse to mindlessly browse look for great sites that offer fun ways to practice different types of writing. That’s the way I see these exercises — as practice for writers. I chose to call them assignments because […]

International Freelancers Day

There’s still time to sign up. It’s FREE (registration required) and it starts tomorrow. Click on the image to learn more or register.


I’m still in feast mode here. I’ve had to ground Hyde from the Internet to meet the page quotas I’m trying to hit, so blog posts, tweets, and email are sporadic at best. The deadline for my book has been moved to October 21st (due to illustration issues) and I’ve now begun working to put […]

Discoveries: International Freelancer Day & Inanimate Alice

Just a quick post here to share some information and coolness. This weekend (Friday & Saturday) there will be a FREE ONLINE conference for freelance writers (and freelancers in general) in celebration of International Freelancer Day (9/24). It’s free to attend but you have to register in advance HERE. I have cleared my schedule on […]

Blog Tour

Yes, I know it is no longer the weekend, but I am trapped in the life of a band slave increasingly busy traveling on Saturdays as The Boy is a percussionist in the high school marching band and it is competition season. This means no Internet on Saturdays which makes it hard to read any […]

Go Fish

I’m not naked. Three words, ten letters, two little bits of punctuation. Did they get your attention? I hope so, because that was their job. At least, it would be their job if this post had anything to do with my state of dress. As it is, they are a bit of a cheat with […]

New Link for Blogs

It appears that the Webby Award link from Friday’s post takes readers to the correct site, but the site itself isn’t working. Sorry about that. So, as a replacement for that link, here is the link to Time Magazine’s Best Blogs of 2010.