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Weekend Assignment: The Reading and Writing Tour

neutral density shipwreck

Image by drwhimsy via Flickr

Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale, a tale of a fateful trip…

Welcome to another of my episodes episode of the Weekend Assignment.  This week, the assignment involves two parts. First,  I invite you to take a trip. Don’t worry, you won’t have to call a travel agent, or book a flight. You can take off your shoes, walk through a doorway, and have someone frisk you, if you are into that sort of thing, but otherwise you don’t have to leave your chair.

Part 1: The reading tour.

Choose ten blogs – five can be familiar, but look for new-to-you blogs to round out your list. If you need some help finding new ones, check out the freshly pressed blogs on wordpress, or look at the Webby Award winners for the past 14 years (here).

Read the latest post of each of the blogs you chose. Read for entertainment, but read critically as well. What does the blogger do that you like? Is there anything you don’t like? What lessons can you take away from this experience?

Part 2: The writing tour.

Now for the writing part: leave a comment for each post you read. We’re writers here, so I expect your comment to be something a bit more meaningful than “great post.” Write a couple of lines at least and share your thoughts or feelings. You may tell the blogger about your shoeless, frisk-me fetish if you so desire. But I don’t recommend it. Well, I don’t recommend it unless it is one of those blogs.

The show and tell challenge:

Easy-Peasy. Come back here and offer a travelogue about what you found. Leave a comment here at B&B with a link to the best blog you read this weekend with a quick review of what makes it great. I’m on the lookout for new blogs myself, so share, share, share.

The hidden benefit
Some of those people whose blogs you read? They might just read you back. Don’t post anonymously. Be brave.


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