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Yes, I know it is no longer the weekend, but I am trapped in the life of a band slave increasingly busy traveling on Saturdays as The Boy is a percussionist in the high school marching band and it is competition season. This means no Internet on Saturdays which makes it hard to read any blogs.

From now on, though the assignments are posted at week’s end, I think everyone should have the entire week to respond. Actually, if you want to go back and do a previous assignment and add comments, that would be hunky-dory, too.

Most of these blogs are new to me. Not all, but most. Some were chosen because their authors have visited this blog, or tweeted me on twitter. Others, it was just luck of the click.

1. Betwixt & Between A funny gal with a taste for zombies. Er… not that she eats them or anything.

2. Notations: a fellow writer multi-tasking at life. She also mentions me. 🙂

3. The Zebra Rag: Unfortunately I couldn’t comment on this blog because the comments were broken when I visited. Fake news with a humorous slant. Fun and funny.

4. EdTech Insight: An insiders look at how technology is changing the way the next generation reads and writes.

5. Gone Pausal: A dose of humor and hormones.

6. Query Shark Query-writing crash course with live examples.

7. PostSecret Anonymous secrets sent on postcards.

8. Hyperbole and a Half: Laugh out loud humor. With drawings!

9. Super Owen: A dog’s eye view of life.

10. The Kitchen Sink: This blogger writes about a bit of this, and a smidge of that.

I debated quite a bit about which blog to review here. In the end, I chose PostSecret because it has so much potential to spark story ideas.

Each anonymous postcard shares a secret. Some of the secrets are micro-fiction on their own. In the hands (or brains, as the case may be) of imaginative writers, they can become so much more. Next time you are stumped for a short story idea, pop over and browse through a few.


2 comments on “Blog Tour

  1. Thank you for mentioning The Kitchen Sink. What a nice surprise! Now, I am going to check out the rest of the blogs you have mentioned.

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