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Image by Helico via Flickr

I’m still in feast mode here. I’ve had to ground Hyde from the Internet to meet the page quotas I’m trying to hit, so blog posts, tweets, and email are sporadic at best.

The deadline for my book has been moved to October 21st (due to illustration issues) and I’ve now begun working to put together a somewhat more polished draft for submission.

Yesterday, I received the assignment sheet for my regular, pay-the-bills gig, which has a ten day turnaround time. Oh, and I plan to take a writing “day off” to attend the International Freelancers’ Day conference that begins tomorrow.

If that isn’t enough, add in trying to figure out where all this wonderful technology fits into my hectic schedule. I had a multitasking meltdown a couple of days ago as I juggled twitter, e-mail, this blog, and the text messages that kept popping up on my cell (including all the lovely earworms suggested by my hubby and his accomplice– Hi, Eric!– .) When people inquire why I’m not on FaceBook or LinkedIn I want to run screaming in the streets. ACK!

Do you have tips for keeping up with the technology? Or, failing that, how about ways to unstick a song once it’s lodged in your head? I’d love to hear them.


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