Weekend Assignment: Horror Headlines


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I love to combine writing with random things I find on the Internet. It gives me the perfect excuse to mindlessly browse look for great sites that offer fun ways to practice different types of writing.

That’s the way I see these exercises — as practice for writers. I chose to call them assignments because that’s what editors call a freelance-writing gig when they give it to you; not because I think you need homework to make you write every week. You don’t do you?

I hope when you check in on any given Friday you find writing ideas that make you stretch your abilities, push your thoughts off their usual track, or provide ways to get the your creative juices flowing during a dry spell. That’s why they’re here. Plus, they made a handy weekend theme.

With that in mind, I hope you’ll tackle this week’s assignment for fun.

This time next week will be October 1st. If you are me, and I am, thank goodness, October is possibly the coolest month of the year and I don’t mean temperature-wise. I love October because I am a little goofy about Halloween. Candy, horror movies, pretending to be someone else (and not having to worry about someone reporting you to the authorities) — what’s not to love? In fact, if I could save time in a bottle, I would have a whole collection of stoppered vials filled with October 31sts.

To celebrate the approach of the bestest month ever (no, it isn’t too early, TYVM), this week we’ll be writing about horror. But not just any horror — Horror News clips.

See, I found this newspaper clipping generator on the Internet that lets you turn any bit of writing into a jpg file that looks like (ta-da!) a real newspaper clipping. It’s free, there’s no registration, and it’s fun.

Combine the previous two paragraphs and you have this week’s assignment: Write something that could fit in a newspaper with a horror-theme. Beyond that, there are no rules about content. Let your imagination run wild (but please, don’t let it TP the neighbors’ houses). Write a spooky flash story, make a funny list of bad boogeymen, create some poetry with creepy imagery. Go where the muse takes you. Unless you are following Hyde and she promises that it won’t hurt. Well, it won’t hurt much. In that case you should probably head in the opposite direction. And fast. Or don’t blame me if you come back with no eyebrows and smelling of Kahlua.

The Show and Tell Challenge:

Plug your completed project into the news clipping generator, along with an appropriate headline, download the clipping and post it on your blog. Come back here and share the link to your post in the comments. And remember, just because I make the assignments on the weekend doesn’t mean you have to DO them on the weekend. Write and post them anytime you like. So if you like the idea, but are all booked up for three weeks, come back to it on your schedule. I won’t mind. I promise.


5 comments on “Weekend Assignment: Horror Headlines

  1. Here’s my post for the weekend assignment. Where’s yours?


    • ROFLMAO! I didn’t even get past your headline before I started cracking up!

      Blame away. I can take it. 🙂

      For some reason, I can’t leave a comment on your blog. I encounter this problem a lot with blogspot. Dunno why.

  2. Interestingly, I had the same problem today trying to comment here on yours. Eventually it healed itself.

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