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October Writing Sparks



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Hi, Writers!

Welcome to October! That means it’s time for a brand new collection of inspirational links for writers. AND it’s also FRIDAY. A new weekend assignment will be going up soon.

Are you ready? Away we go!

If you are looking to brush up on your writing skills, Pennsylvania State University has a complete refresher course in creative writing with exercises to try.

Are you a research hound?  Do you want to find fresh ideas to pitch to your favorite editors? Take a field trip to the Directory of Open Access Journals.  You might want to leave a trail of breadcrumbs so you can find your way back out. As of this posting there are 5,452 journals on topics covering everything from agriculture to technology. The site offers free, full-text access.

More ideas are on tap at TED – Ideas worth spreading. Here you will find videos showcasing some marvelous speakers along with cutting-edge ideas. It’s a fascinating place to spend an afternoon refilling the tanks of your imagination.

Documentary Heaven offers another source of video inspiration. Hundreds of documentaries about everything imaginable are indexed in this one location for your convenience.

Arts & Letters Daily. Let’s see, how do I sum this one up? For starters, you will never run short of things to read if you start at this portal site. In addition to daily articles, book reviews, and essays, the menu on the left provides links to the websites of more magazines, newspapers and journals than I am willing to sit here and count.  Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Query markets!

And last, but not least, feed the hungry while boosting your vocabulary at freerice.com This isn’t vocabulary for sissies, either. Every time you get a word right, the program finds a harder word to offer. A wrong answer sends you to easier words. Each correct answer donates ten grains of rice to feed the hungry. What better way to procrastinate?


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