Weekend Assignment: Pursuing Nirvana

I know what you’re thinking:  WooHoo! Two posts for the price of one today!

Or possibly: “It’s Friday. Where did I leave the car keys and what are we having for dinner?”

Or “SQUIRREL!!” Oh, wait. That was the dogs.

All of this goes to show that I should not quit my job freelancing to become a mind reader in a carnival. This is good to know, especially since this week has been a stellar week for burnout and contemplating career moves.

The burnout reminded me of one of the sessions I attended as part of International Freelancers Day last month. It was a presentation by Mike McDerment titled: Workday Nirvana: How to Remain Inspired and Productive When You Work Alone.

If you weren’t fortunate enough to be able to attend IFD, you can view replays of the sessions by visiting HERE and registering. The replays are only available until 10/31, so get a move on. 🙂

Anyway, back to nirvana. One of the key ingredients to McDerment’s nirvana is establishing a daily routine. Can I get a witness? Somebody say “amen.”

Since I suspect that working all hours with no notion of personal time is behind my burnout, this weekend I’m going to examine my routine and whip up a daily schedule that works for me. I’m going to suggest that you do the same. Not a full-time writer? It doesn’t matter. If you want to get more writing time in, a schedule is the way to go.

Think it through, write it down, and take it for a test drive over the coming weeks. Let’s see what we can accomplish, shall we?

The Show and Tell Challenge:

If you’d like to share your spiffy new writing routine, post it on your blog and add a link to your post in the comments below.


7 comments on “Weekend Assignment: Pursuing Nirvana

  1. Before I go work on my schedule — and yes, it is time I revisit that little organizational strategy — I just wanted to let you know that after dinner, which was proceeded by a lengthy discussion about what we were having, the key question was “Where are my car keys?”

    There might be hope for your career as a carnival mind reader yet.

    • Ooh. If you had the dog today that would explain the whole “squirrel” thing, too. *scampers off to look for a turban and a crystal ball*

      • The dog did stop by the house. I was at work, but he was here. He told on me for leaving my tennis shoes out where he could get them. (Hmm… Wonder where those are now?) There probably was a squirrel, too.

  2. No, see, I simply can’t do this right now. I’m still working on last week’s assignment. Honest, I’ll try to get it done this weekend, but it’s hard for me to promise ’cause it’s not like I’m on a writing schedule or anything. But you gotta stop being so impatient. I’ll get there eventually. More than likely.

  3. But see, that way I’ll never catch up.

    But that’s all part of your evil plan, isn’t it?

  4. Evil Plans R Us. bwaahahahahaaaaa!

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