Submit, Submit, Submit (ep. 6)


Image by StevenW. via Flickr

The schedule thing is still up in the air as you can probably tell by the tardiness of this post — which should have happened yesterday. Forgive me.

The inspiration for this list of markets came from a tweet by one of my favorite YA authors, Holly Black.  Her story, Paper Cuts Scissors, was  featured at PodCastle back in August. Until she tweeted about it, I never thought to explore audio fiction markets. Now I have a whole new medium to explore. So naturally I am sharing it with you.

Today’s submission guidelines are a round-up of markets that will convert your masterpieces of fiction into podcasts for the world to hear.

Disclaimer: Bear in mind that I am sharing these links not endorsing them. While I’ve checked out these sites, always read the complete guidelines before submitting anything AND always do your homework.

1: PodCastle

2:  EscapePod

3:  The Drabblecast

4:  Bound Off

5:  Weird Tales (closed to subs until January)

6:  The Dunesteef

7:  Clone Pod

8:  Beneath Ceaseless skies (some audio)

9: Nil Desperandum


2 comments on “Submit, Submit, Submit (ep. 6)

  1. Let me add the market Pseudopod.org to your list. Pseudopod is the sister site to EscapePod and offers a slew of horror stories for folks who swing that way. They haven’t bought any of my stories yet because they haven’t seen the light. But that will change any day now, I’m sure. Any day.

  2. Coolness! Thanks Haggis! The more markets the merrier.

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