Weekend Assignment: Inner Expert


Balloon fiesta

Image by hollyladd via Flickr


Hello writers! Welcome to another weekend and another excuse to write something just for you.

Last weekend, I held two nine-week-old Bengal tiger cubs, one at a time, and had my picture taken. I got my thumb bitten (ouch), listened to them make “rowr” noises (too cute!), and let them paw and scratch at me. It lasted all of two minutes at the most.  Those two minutes are now permanently filed away with my Inner Expert. I can’t claim to have a vast knowledge of Bengal tigers — I most certainly don’t. But I’ve experienced the weight of a cub, the texture of the fur, the size of paws — not to mention the tiny serrated teeth!

Over my career, I have amassed a variety of experiences. From volunteering on a ground crew for one of the world’s largest special-shapes, hot air balloons (above), to searching a sand bar in the Gulf of Mexico for live sand dollars, to running out of gas in the middle of a desert in 100+ degree heat and hitchhiking. Granted, the running out of gas thing wasn’t planned, but it was still an experience.

Individually, these events are the anecdotes that make up my life. Collectively, they form a wellspring of knowledge I tap for my writing. In fact, many of these adventures have become sources for essays and journal entries (and now, blog posts).

What does your Inner Expert know?

For this weekend’s assignment, get in touch with your Inner Expert and make a list of all the experiences you have filed away. Dig around a little. What experiences have taught you something? Made your jaw drop in wonder? Left little teeth marks in your flesh? Choose something from your list and use it as the jumping off point for your writing.

What you write is up to you. You might write an essay, fictionalize a memory into a short story, or turn an anecdote into a mini memoir.

The Show and Tell Challenge

Want to share what you’ve written based on this week’s prompt? Post your writing on your blog. Then come back here and leave comment with a link to your post. 

As always, if you don’t have time for an assignment this weekend, come back and complete it at another time. That’s why we have bookmarks, right?

2 comments on “Weekend Assignment: Inner Expert

  1. Hello Barbara!
    Just checking out your blog for the first time 🙂 I just started a flash fiction/micro-fiction blog and would love to hear what you think about it!
    I am thinking about working on a flash for your show and tell challenge 🙂

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