Weekend Assignment: Wake Up Your Brain

The brain is a beautiful thing. It wakes up with you in the morning and goes to sleep as soon as you go to work. ~Robert Frost

Welcome to another weekend. The month is rapidly drawing to a close, and I still don’t have my outline done for NaNoWriMo. I think that will change over the course of the coming week since the first draft of the book manuscript is now in the hands of my editor (or at least her inbox). That means a little more free time for getting creative. Which brings us to the heart of this weekend’s assignment: creativity!

In honor of the creative spirit, this week’s writing assignment invites you to play with your brain. No, not like a zombie, like the creative soul you are. The more you train your brain to think outside the box, the more creative your thought processes will become.  More creativity = fresher ideas.

Here are this week’s exercises.

1: Send someone (or something) to summer camp.

These days, it seems like there is a camp for every possible interest. Or is there? What unusual camps can you dream up? Churn out a list of at least twenty unlikely summer camps. Maybe a camp for serial killers? B-Movie monsters? Dead poets?

Once you have your list, choose one and write a sales brochure for it. What are the activities? How will the campers benefit? What are the unique features of the camp? Where is it located?

2. And that’s not ALL it does!

Pick up an object from your desk (or any other surface in your house) and generate a list of 25 new ways you could use that object for something other than its original purpose. Be inventive. Be silly. Have fun.

Got your list? Good. Write an infomercial script designed to sell your object. Your list? Well, those are the major selling points. Tell the audience what a wonderful, multi-use product they can buy for just $19.95!

3. Why? Because…

Between the ages of 3 and 7 the average child asks about 30 gazillion questions that begin with the word “why.” I know because I counted. The average adult reaches her wit’s end after answering about ten (also counted.) How many answers can you dream up before you hit the wall? Here’s how to find out. You can either borrow a three-year-old if you don’t already have one and wait for her to ask a “why” question, or you can go here and choose one from a list.

Once you have a question, it’s your job to write as many “Because” answers to that question as you can. Aim for 15. Yes, 15 answers to the SAME question. Why so many? It’s a challenge, okay?

The Show and Tell Challenge:

Want to share your work with the readers of B&B? Take the Show and Tell Challenge. Write your piece based on any of the prompts above, post it on your blog, then link back to your post in the comments here.

2 comments on “Weekend Assignment: Wake Up Your Brain

  1. Too cute. Especially the part about the adult at wit’s end after answering 10 of the gazillion questions.

    Having some personal challenges so I’ll have to fall in next weekend. Can’t wait to see what you got for us!

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