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The NaNo Plan – Ready, Set, Write!

It’s official. We are in the final countdown week before NaNoWriMo. At this time of year, writers in the blogosphere are churning out lots of how-to and tip articles about NaNo. Rather than reinvent the wheel, and because I am trying to complete a book under deadline before NaNo starts, I’m putting together a round-up of useful links to posts that others have written. Lazy? Yes. Useful? I hope so.

Without further ado, feel free to dive into these links and explore. Whether you are doing NaNo or not, you are sure to find useful information you can use while writing.


Creating Dynamic Characters: A Writing Exercise by Anne Greenawalt

Let’s Talk About Goals by Jason Black


Novel Design: Plot Structure by Andrew Rosenberg

Create Your Professional Plot Outline by Holly Lisle

Writing the Framework: Conquering Chaos Brain

Outlining a Novel Worth Reading by Paulo Campos

Writer’s block:

Drano for Writers: 10 Tricks to Get the Words Flowing Again by Michele V. Rafter

Write Anyway

Time Management:

How to Do NaNoWriMo When You Don’t Have the Time by Alison Wells

Find Time to Write by Michael Stelzner

Got Links?

Have you written a helpful post about surviving NaNoWriMo? Do you know of a helpful link you’d like to share? Leave them in the comments for others to find. 🙂

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