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Writing Monsterpieces

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Things like this post from Brian Clark over at Copyblogger.com make me grin.

10 Steps to Becoming a Better Writer.

With National Novel Writing Month just around the corner, I’m reminding myself that all writing is good writing. Will the words I churn out for NaNo be masterpieces? Um… No. I will settle for coherent and possibly spelled correctly. Later rewrites will make them pretty. For now, I’m gearing up to stitch together a Frankenstein’s monster of a book. A little scarred, a little  green, and probably quite manky and smelly. A book only a mother, or mad scientist could love.

Why, if I know in advance that I’m about to create a monsterpiece, do I bother?

Because every word placed on the page is another step toward being a better, stronger, faster (possibly BIONIC) writer. The result is not necessarily publishable writing, but it’s good for the practice it gives.

What are you writing this week?


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