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Weekend Assignment: Do the Monster Mashup

Hello writers!

In honor of Halloween this weekend, it only seems appropriate that the assignment should have something of a hint of mad science about it.

Enter: the mashup.

You’ve seen themodd new hybrids that occur when two creative projects get smooshed up together with entertaining results. They got there start when some folks began combining vocals and tracks of two songs to create new ones. The trend carried over to books (Frex: Pride and Prejudice and Zombies) and now, it seems, anything is fair game.

Your job this week is to tiptoe down to the basement lab (or wherever you go to write) and create a mashup of some kind. Think about books, or characters you can combine. Explore your favorite movies. Heck, turn on some tunes and do a music mashup. Whatever you decide to toss in the old mixmaster, blend up some writing fun.

Here are some examples to get those cogs turning.

Movie Mashups Brokeback to the Future, anyone?

Children’s book

Characters (Smurfs meet Avatar)

The Show and Tell Challenge:

Want to share your work with the readers of B&B? Take the Show and Tell Challenge. Write your mashup, post it on your blog, then link back to your post in the comments here.

My  Mashup for the weekend? Ernest Goes to Sleepaway Camp. You know what I mean, Vern? Huh? Huh? Huh?…  Sorry, couldn’t resist.

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