Weekend Assignment: I Spy a New Word

William Shakespeare

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Ever wonder who gets to invent new words? Us! I know, scary, right? In fact, one of my favorite things to do is to create new words. Not that I can ever get anyone else to use them, mind you.

For me, the act of creation is much more satisfying than inclusion in any dictionary.  I’ve been known to refer to my gluteus maximus as my “booteus maximus”, a term I find much more fun and fitting than the original. And I have often been known to describe my level of flexibility in terms of  “limberosity,” despite a certain amount of snickering .

I’m not alone. Many a writer has defined a word or two to suit his purpose. Ten of them, along with their origins are listed in this post at Mental Floss.

Now it’s your turn. For this weekend’s assignment, invent new words. Forget limits — define as many new words as you like. In fact, create a whole dictionary full. If you need inspiration, check out some of the fantastic examples at WordSpy.

Show and Tell Challenge:

Want to share your work with the readers of B&B? Take the Show and Tell Challenge. Write your word(s) and their definition(s) on your blog and then come post a link to it in the comments here.

Happy writing!


4 comments on “Weekend Assignment: I Spy a New Word

  1. I’m sorry, but this assignment is too filled with difficultation and onericiousness for me to consider accepting your challenge. But thanks for the offeration.

  2. Condolations – What you tell someone when their news deserves both condolences and congratulations.

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