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Weekend Assignment: Gratitude Attitude

Welcome to Thanksgiving weekend, my writer friends. I’m glad you could join me. Leftovers anyone? No?

This is the time of year (in the States, at least) when folks sit back and think about the things they are grateful for. This is followed closely by mad shopping binges, jockeying for parking spaces, road rage and other gestures of goodwill toward man, some of which involve hand signals and the blaring of horns.


I’m getting ahead of myself. Before we plunge headfirst into the insanity of December, let’s maintain, at least for this weekend, a Gratitude Attitude.

What are you thankful for? It doesn’t have to be some profound something. Small things inspire gratitude, too. Your favorite pen, a funny text message that made an otherwise bad week better, pie…mmm pie… You get the idea. Everyone is grateful for something. This weekend channel that gratitude into your writing.

Write about something you are grateful for. Your writing can take the shape of an essay, poem, or even a letter of thanks. However you choose to express yourself, make your thankfulness known.

The Show and Tell Challenge:

Share your gratitude! Post your finished assignment on your blog, then come back and link to it in the comments here. As always, the assignments remain open indefinitely, so if you can’t get to it today, come back to it when you can.


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