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Weekend Assignment: Warm Wishes

If you celebrate Christmas, today marks the beginning of a holiday weekend that will likely leave little time for writing or even thinking about writing. Be that as it may, I still have an assignment for everyone, no excuses. The end of the year draws near, and with it many greetings and good wishes for […]


Regular readers probably noticed that yesterday’s post was AWOL. All I have to say for myself is large, looming deadlines are keeping me busy this week. Add in huge holiday hoopla and time to write blog posts is scarce. So, while I don’t have a post of my own to share, I’d like to take […]

Weekend Assignment: Many from One

Once again we have come to the end of the week. I hope you have been busy and productive with your writing. The holiday season makes things a little crazy for this writer. Projects and deadlines and festivities fill up the writing hours faster than you can say “Blitzen.” Seriously. Say “Blitzen.” See how fast […]

Should You Take on Another Deadline?

It can be tempting to take on every writing project that comes down the line, but in the long run those extra assignments may not be good for your business. That’s right. I said it. Sometimes more work is bad for you. All work and no play not only makes Jack a dull boy. It […]

Mistakes. Were. Made. Trust Me.

Today, I’m sitting in my office with a red pen in hand, reading glasses perched on my nose, and another writer’s carefully typed manuscript in front of me. Occasionally I circle things and make notes in the margins. Every once in awhile I catch myself gritting my teeth. This is what I look like when […]

Weekend Assignment: Break out of a Reading Rut

I have a confession to make. I seem to have developed tunnel vision when it comes to reading. I have a set posse of writers that I rely on to keep me informed and entertained, and I rarely seek out new voices. I think I may be a closet literary agent… Or maybe I’m just […]

Discoveries: Little Pieces of History

I love the power of the Internet to bring past days to life for us writers.  Today’s photo collection is no exception. This photo blog entry from the Denver Post website contains 70 images taken in small towns across the United States. Captured: America in Color from 1939-1943 If you are looking for inspiration today, […]

Be a Better Beta

Howdy! Welcome to Craft an Alliterative Title for Your Blog Post Day! Okay, maybe not. Besides, it’s more like a tongue twister. Don’t believe me? Try saying it ten times fast. For my next trick, I will stop wandering off topic and address the subject at hand. (Nothing up my sleeves… and… PRESTO!) This afternoon, […]

Weekend Assignment: Writing Gifts

This time of year it’s inevitable that there will be posts about gifts for writers. As a matter of fact, if you Google, you will find all sorts of suggestions for pretty pens, nifty notebooks and lots of other alliterative alternatives that I could list if I wasn’t too lazy today to think them up. […]

December 2010 Writing Sparks

Welcome to the beginning of another month of writing possibilities. I just finished National Novel Writing Month and generated 50,000 words of what I like to refer to as “afflicted fiction.”  The first part is decent. The middle part developed a hunched back and a squint. By the time I got to the last 10k, […]