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Weekend Assignment: Break out of a Reading Rut

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I have a confession to make. I seem to have developed tunnel vision when it comes to reading. I have a set posse of writers that I rely on to keep me informed and entertained, and I rarely seek out new voices. I think I may be a closet literary agent…

Or maybe I’m just your Average Jane reader.

Maybe you are like me (and about a half-zillion other readers). You know what you like, what you want to read and, anyway, there are only so many hours in the day. Right?

Wrong. Sort of.

We’re always going to have our favorite authors when it comes to books, but as writers, we owe it to ourselves to explore new horizons, hear new voices, and follow the trailblazers. How else are we supposed to feed the writing machine? I mean, sitting around thinking deep thoughts is all well and good, but it almost guarantees a stagnant writing pool to draw from. Have you ever looked into a stagnant pool? Is that really where you want to go for inspiration?

Your mission for this weekend is to set a reading goal for the coming year. Mine is 1 new book/author per month. Then, make a list of books or authors that you always think about reading, but for some reason never seem to get around to. If you don’t already have a handful of titles leaping readily to mind, this is the perfect time of the year to discover some. This is when everyone starts posting their picks for the Best Books of 2010. Here are some links:

Publishers Weekly

The New York Times


The National Book Awards for 2010

As an alternative, every Friday on Twitter you can follow the hashtag (#) #FridayReads, to learn what books thousands of other readers recommend.

The Show and Tell Challenge:

Help other writers break out of their reading ruts. Leave a comment that includes the title of a favorite book you feel others have overlooked. That way, we can all make great reading discoveries together.

Until next weekend… happy writing!


One comment on “Weekend Assignment: Break out of a Reading Rut

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