Weekend Assignment: Many from One

Westie Reindeer

Image by Theresa Thompson via Flickr

Once again we have come to the end of the week. I hope you have been busy and productive with your writing.

The holiday season makes things a little crazy for this writer. Projects and deadlines and festivities fill up the writing hours faster than you can say “Blitzen.” Seriously. Say “Blitzen.” See how fast that went? Pretty darned quick, I’m telling you.

Speaking of quick, this weekend’s assignment is a quick and dirty little brainstorming session.

Remember holidays in elementary school? Holidays meant classroom parties, and the best part of those parties were games.  Crossword puzzles, seek and finds, and my all time favorite–many words from one. You know, when the teacher printed a holiday-themed word or phrase on the board and challenged us to make as many words as possible using the letters? Yes, even then I was a word nerd. This weekend’s writing assignment works a little like that. Except, instead of making many words from one, your challenge is to make many ideas from one.

How many ideas can you jump start with this writing prompt?

Mistaken Identity

Plug these two words into your brain and ponder them over the weekend. Let your muse turn them round and round and suggest ideas. Don’t get caught up in the idea that writing prompts like this are for fiction authors alone. Any prompt can trigger any kind of writing, if you simply widen your perspective.

Here are some of my own ideas that spring from those two words.

Switched at birth
Identity Theft
Buying one thing thinking it is another
Grabbing the wrong thing in a darkened room (a la Steve Martin’s Parenthood)

The Show and Tell Challenge:

If you complete this assignment and would like to share your list of ideas, please feel free to take part in the show and tell challenge. Just follow these steps.

1. Post your response to this assignment on your own blog.

2. Grab a link to your post, and leave it in the comments here.

3. Bask in the glow of a task well done.

Happy Writing!

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