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Submit, Submit, Submit (ep. 8)

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Image by Diana Parkhouse via Flickr

Wow. We’re already to the 5th of January. Are you writing? Good. That means you’ll be looking for places to send those articles, essays and other snippets. Here are a few more to add to your list.

As always, this list is intended as a reference, not a recommendation. Before you submit your writing to any market, do your homework. Read the guidelines; explore the sites.

Now that the disclaimer is out of the way, here are some writing markets that I’ve stumbled across recently.

Range magazine uses material about the West, it’s people and wildlife. It also buys photographs from freelancers, so if you happen to be a shutterbug, you may find a market for your shots here, too.

New Mexico magazine… well, the name sort of says it all. This is a pub about the state of New Mexico. This place buys photos, too.

Rural Lite is a regional publication for members of 47 electrical co-ops in the Northwest. And photos? You guessed it. They buy them, too.

Good Old Days focuses on the lives of people who grew up between 1935-1965. Think “Historical stories from the front porch.” Old photos? They buy ’em.

Orion Magazine has a two reading periods each year. The next one is January 15-30, 2011, so you better hurry if you are thinking of subbing to this environmental market. Their focus is stories about the mixing of people and place, and the consequences from such collisions. they publish both narrative nonfiction and fiction. They also have guidelines for submitting visual materials.

Brave New Traveler Don’t be fooled by the title of this online market. This is not a “destination” travel site. They prefer edgy stuff that pushes the boundaries of thought and exploration in the areas of travel, spirituality and religion.

Upstart Books primary interests are “resources that aid media specialists, librarians and teachers to develop and stimulate reading interests, and facilitate library and information-seeking skills among youth (preschool through high school).” Think– books with great story time ideas for librarians and you are on the right track here.


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