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Weekend Assignment: Writing Goals

Are you one of those people who makes resolutions for New Year’s? I have a list of stand-by writing resolutions that I make every January. Sometimes I’m successful with them, sometimes not, but I keep making them. When it comes to resolutions,  I think the whole point is to pull out our goals for the coming year and give them a cold, hard stare.

What are your writing goals for this year? Do you want to crack a new market? Increase the quantity of your writing? The quality? Maybe you want to make more money, find more time, or start a new blog. Think about it. The calendars still have that new year smell. (No, don’t go sniff it, just take my word for it, okay?) You still have plenty of days to tackle those new goals. So, why not make some?

This weekend’s assignment is to spend some time thinking about where you want your writing to take you this year and to set at least three goals for yourself. Write them down and post them someplace where you will look at them every single day.

My goals this year? They include:

1. Studying three new markets and pitching at least three ideas to each one.

2. Setting aside one day per week to develop ideas for my “regular” markets.

3. Writing a killer book proposal for one of the brilliant ideas currently languishing on my hard drive.

What are your writing goals?

The Show and Tell Challenge

Want to share your goals for 2011? Step right up and take the B&B Show and Tell Challenge! Here’s how. Simply write about your freelance writing goals for this year. Post your work on your blog, then come back and leave a link to your post in the comments. It’s that simple!

Let’s make 2011 the best writing year ever!

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