Writing, the Library and You – Kickin’ It Old School

In this age of information, writers can locate sources, find facts and conduct market research at the click of a mouse. Why visit the library?

There’s something about wandering the stacks at the library that can get your creative juices flowing. Before you decide your library card is obsolete, revisit the local stacks and spend an hour getting reacquainted.

Recently, a question about a magazine’s masthead sent me to my local library for answers. Once there, I set aside an hour to spend browsing. In 60 short minutes, here’s what I found:

  • The answer to my original question.
  • Inspiration for 5 story ideas
  • 2 blog topics
  • 6 new markets to explore
  • 1 old market that I need to revisit
  • 2 ideas that need a bit more research to turn into solid story ideas

Sure, I could have done the same thing online, but I probably would have spent a lot more time aimlessly browsing sites and fighting the temptation to play games or find other ways to procrastinate.

Next time you need inspiration, rather than booting up the trusty computer, dust off your library card and take a field trip instead. You might be surprised at how much you can accomplish in one short hour.

2 comments on “Writing, the Library and You – Kickin’ It Old School

  1. I would also suggest if you have a university in the area, visiting their library. Academic libraries and public libraries are two different critters. Wandering their a university library’s stacks you find not only a wealth of information not available elsewhere, but also buckets and buckets of idea sleet.

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