Weekend Assignment: The Writer’s Resumé

Do you have a writing resumé?

If you are serious about finding more writing assignments in 2011 you’ll want to have all the tools at your disposal for doing just that. At the top of the list: the resumé.

A freelance writing resume is a different beast than your everyday resumé.  Moira Allen wrote a very fine instructional piece about how to put together a writer’s resumé at www.writing-world.com She includes a sample of what a good writing resumé should look like and include.

Once you know the nature of the beast, it helps to know problem areas to avoid. While this Monster post about avoiding resumé mistakes is meant for more conventional resumés, it offers sound advice for spotting and correcting errors.

For this week’s assignment, design and write your basic freelance writing resumé. If you already have one, now is a good time to pull it out and update it. Spend some time polishing it up and making it shine. Next week, we’ll start sending it out.

Until then, happy writing!

Do you have any resumé tips or links you’d like to share? Leave a comment!


2 comments on “Weekend Assignment: The Writer’s Resumé

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