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Weekend Assignment: Writing Anti-Advice

Writing humor often means turning something familiar on its head. In fact, the ability to look at something from a different angle can highlight a funny facet that you might not otherwise see. For example, I recently had a conversation about martial arts with an enthusiast. It seems that enrollment is down in her class […]

Writing Workshops: Get Thee a Community

Guest Post by: MACALLISTER STONE Writers think of ourselves as solitary souls, for the most part. Or at least sometimes I’ve fondly imagined I’d like to be solitary; especially about the time I’d be staring out the window mentally composing a brilliant, culture-changing sentence that would immediately and permanently pass into the lexicon of pop […]

Write Tight: A Guide to Anthologies

Guest post by STACEY GRAHAM Hemingway did it. He could turn a six-word sentence into something heartbreaking and poignant, the words pulling emotion from the reader without force and leave them staggering from its simplicity. Writing for an anthology is a bit like that: keeping the story true to itself without superfluous words and grabbing […]

Weekend Assignment: You Might Be a Writer If…

You’ve probably heard of Jeff Foxworthy of redneck joke fame. All his redneck jokes begin with the same phrase: You might be a redneck if… followed by a witty observation: … you think the last words to the Star Spangled Banner are “gentlemen, start your engines!” The topic of this week’s weekend assignment is (drum […]

Discoveries for Writers

I have to admit, the title of this freebie won me over. If you are looking for tips and tricks for getting more traffic to your blog and/or web site here’s a free e-book from Traffic Generation Cafe to help you do just that. 7 Steps to Complete Search Engine Domination

Weekend Assignment: The Big Idea

Guest post by: Lori A. Basiewicz One question writers are frequently asked is, “Where do you get your ideas?” Or some I’m told. I actually haven’t had too many people ask me that. I get quite a few people who want me to proofread their papers and give them free editing or who are working […]

Submit, Submit, Submit (Ep. 9)

Time for new market links. Click to go to the guidelines for each publication. I post these links as a way of sharing the market information I find as I am working. This does not mean I endorse them. Please research all markets before submitting any material. Yoga Journal covers all things yoga. Sample topics […]

Weekend Assignment: Ripped from the Headlines

I’m a fan of Grey’s Anatomy and I’ve noticed that many of their dramatized cases have some basis in a factual news story. It has long been a tradition of fiction writers to use the news for inspiration, so why not you? This weekend’s writing assignment: Scour the newspaper for short story kernels. The key […]

Writing Sparks: February 2011

What will you write about this month? If you need some ideas to get the creative juices flowing, try one of these writing sparks. Use the ideas individually, or mix and match them as your muse sees fit. Query Spark: Now is the time to query Back-to-School articles for publications with a six-month lead time. […]