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The Hangover Two Aspirin Won’t Cure

I’m sure this blog will not be the first to post on this subject, nor will it be the last. Sadly, today’s topic is a perennial problem in the writing world. I want to talk about professionalism among writers. This post was inspired by Monday’s firestorm over at Big Al’s Books and Pals where an […]

Want to write full time? Don’t Sell Yourself Short

Visit any of the writing communities and one of the more common questions you’ll find (maybe you’ve even asked it yourself) is “Can I make a living as a freelance writer?” I’ve posted about this before, but I want to address another facet. Each of the roadblocks listed below can keep you from earning what […]

Weekend Assignment: Gear for a Writing Superhero

This weekend’s writing assignment was inspired by  Suzanne Santillan in a post she wrote for Spilling Ink (mentioned here on Wednesday). In the post, she explains her  “Creativity Toolbelt,” a collection of things she uses to give her creativity a boost. Among the items on her list: bubble bath, an iPod, and a dog leash. […]


Is there a young writer in your house? Here’s something I ran across while scanning tweets on Twitter. Authors Anne Mazer and Ellen Potter are holding a short story contest for teens. Winners receive an autographed copy of their book  Spilling Ink: A Handbook for Young Writers, plus publication on the Spilling Ink Creativity Blog. […]

Writing Spaces

I think a writer’s workspace is like a fingerprint. Sure, we all have similar ridges and whorls, but in the end, your space is as individual as you are. For example, I’ll bet that, like my space, yours contains a book or two (or a gazillion). You probably have a calendar and a phone, even […]

Weekend Assignment: Movie Capsule

Welcome to another weekend. Are you ready to write? This week’s writing assignment may have you reaching for your DVDs. Movie buffs could have an advantage with this writing prompt. It starts with a “what if.” What if Julia Roberts and Kevin Costner happened to bump into each other one day? And what if during […]

Four Ways to Dig Writing Ideas from Your Brain

Brainstorming. All writers do it to get the gears of the mind turning.  It’s easier if you have a group of writerly friends handy who can, at the drop of a hat, help you find inspiration. If you are like most writers, your need for inspiration will strike when you are least likely to be […]

Submit, Submit, Submit (Ep. 10)

Once again it’s time to get writing and submitting. Here are a few new market links to explore. Plus, I’ve added a new page to B&B where all the past market links have been collected. To visit it, click on the link at the bottom of this post. Astronomy magazine news, guides and product reviews […]

Weekend Assignment: Mementos

Welcome to another weekend of writing fun! This week’s assignment focuses on mementos — those little tokens we squirrel away to remind us of people, places, and happy occasions. Maybe you have a favorite photo from your childhood or a seashell from a beach. It doesn’t matter what the object is, it is the story […]

Three Marketing Tips for Writers

A freelance writer wears many hats. There’s the writer hat, the accountant hat, the editor hat, and then there’s the marketing hat. I can hear you now: Marketing hat?  But I don’t want to work in advertising… Even if you never plan to work for an ad agency, you can benefit from learning a few […]