Weekend Assignment: Game Time

2006-7-30 Wise and Otherwise Game Pieces

Image by JanetandPhil via Flickr

Welcome weekend writers! Once again it is time for a challenge to put your pens to the test.

This weekend, I’m thinking about games. Not just any games, either. I’m thinking about games with titles that lend themselves to a flash fiction challenge.

Your assignment, should you choose to accept it, is to write a flash fiction story of no more than 500 words using as many game titles as you can in the course of the story. For example, this snippet of dialogue contains three game titles (CAPS).

“BALDERDASH!” he exclaimed. “It’s nothing but TROUBLE. A regular HEADACHE from the start.”

Fling open those closet doors, dust off those trusty board and card games and have fun.

The Show and Tell Challenge

Step right up and take the B&B Show and Tell Challenge! Here’s how. Simply write your response to this assignment, post it on your blog, then come back and leave a link to your post in the comments. It’s that simple!

Need more inspiration? Click here.


6 comments on “Weekend Assignment: Game Time

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