Weekend Assignment: Gear for a Writing Superhero

This weekend’s writing assignment was inspired by  Suzanne Santillan in a post she wrote for Spilling Ink (mentioned here on Wednesday). In the post, she explains her  “Creativity Toolbelt,” a collection of things she uses to give her creativity a boost. Among the items on her list: bubble bath, an iPod, and a dog leash.

The post made me think. What would be on my creativity utility belt? My list includes:

  • iPod — or Pandora otherwise my brain sings totally inappropriate songs as a distraction.
  • coffee (in winter) iced mocha (spring and summer)
  • My binder of past writing clips to spark new ideas.
  • The Pocket Muse
  • My dogs — Although, the three of them together weigh more than I do, so I’d have to attach them to my belt via leash or risk losing my pants, and heaven help me if there’s a squirrel nearby.
  • My cell phone to call friends for last minute brainstorming sessions.
  • My Handy Dandy Notebook. There are always a few hidden nuggets of creativity waiting to be mined from those pages.
  • Index cards to capture stray ideas as they float by.

Hmm… I think I need a bigger belt.

What does your utility belt include? This weekend, take a few minutes to make a list of things that help you recharge your writing–the things you turn to when you need a nudge to get going. Then write a paragraph about each of those items. Why does it belong on your utility belt? What makes it special to you?

The Show and Tell Challenge

Step right up and take the B&B Show and Tell Challenge! Here’s how: simply write your response to this assignment, post it on your blog, then come back and leave a link to your post in the comments. It’s that simple!

Need more inspiration? Click here.


3 comments on “Weekend Assignment: Gear for a Writing Superhero

  1. I like the accessories on your belt =)
    Here is mine. Thanks for the challenge!


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