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The Ten List

Go 10

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If it’s true that one is the loneliest number, then ten is a party animal. When it comes to numbered articles, ten is a popular guy.  All the links in this list lead to resources for writers. Some provide marketing advice, others a mechanical look at how to improve writing, and a few that deal with writing morale. I invite you to click any of them and check out the tips they contain, but more than that, use them to inspire your own list articles.  Think “ten” of anything. Ten best road trips to take with your gal pals, ten ways to tame a toddler, ten car maintenance tips for getting through the winter, ten, ten, ten.

1. Ten Ways Twitter Can Help Writers

2. Ten Ways to Promote Your Blog Giveaways

3. Ten Easy Ways to Write Better

4. Ten Ways to Make Your Dialogue Sing

5. Ten+ Ways to Improve Writing by Self-Editing

6. Ten Ways to Maximize Your Writing Time

7. Ten Ways to Develop Expository Writing Skills with the New York Times

8. Ten Ways to Raise Your Online Writing Profile

9. Ten Ways to Get Your Freelance Writing Foot in the Door

10.  Ten Ways to Become a More Confident Writer

Happy Monday, and happy writing!

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