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Submit, Submit, Submit (Ep. 11)

It’s time once again to share new market links. Click to go to the guidelines for each publication.

I post these links as a way of sharing the market information I find as I am working. This does not mean I endorse them. Please research all markets before submitting any material.

American Way Magazine This is the inflight magazine of American Airlines. The main topics covered include lifestyle, business, entertainment, technology, and, of course, travel.

Enchanted Conversation: A Fairy Tale Magazine Poetry, fiction and nonfiction relating to fairy tales.

Youth Specialties is a youth ministry book market.

Mpls.St. Paul Magazine covers all things in the Twin Cities from what to do, where to go and how to live it up.

UK market Wanderlust is a magazine that shares world travel experiences.

Craftbits.com is an online site devoted to every craft imaginable. They accept craft project proposals from professional crafters. Pay particular attention to the guidelines as there are two sets; one is for free projects and another for paid.

Want to find more markets? Click here.

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One comment on “Submit, Submit, Submit (Ep. 11)

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