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Writing Dangerously


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As writers, getting the details right means we need to know things. Things that raise eyebrows. For example, I once needed firsthand experience on what it’s like to be trapped in a car’s trunk. Thanks to help from my gleeful teen and an afternoon of stares from the neighbors, I can tell you the answer: dark. Other questions require a more delicate approach. What kind of damage can a knife do? Which guns make the largest holes? Where do you hit someone to knock them out? Better yet, how do you find out without getting locked up?

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Enter Delaware Dangerous, a new writer’s retreat that promises to put a little violence in your vacation and a little realism in your writing. When it comes to gatherings for writers, this one is the Extreme Makeover edition.  From September 9-16th  writers can work with skilled instructors to learn to shoot to kill, fatally stab, or disable an opponent using their bare hands. Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?

Dangerous Details:

Cost: $889 per person (register with a friend and receive a discount).

The fee covers:

12 hours of professional gun training with a certified instructor
6  hours of  knife training
6 hours hand-to-hand combat

Ammo, use of various firearms, training blades and live blades.

2 Dinners
5 Lunches
Breakfast Daily

For more information go to www.DelawareDangerous.com or contact Lela Gwenn  Lela@DelawareDangerous.com


One comment on “Writing Dangerously

  1. WHOA! THat’s awesome, even though I don’t believe in the second amendment. That’s great, not cheap however. I strongly agree that great writing is only as good as its journalism.

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