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Submit, Submit, Submit (Ep. 12)

It’s time once again to share new market links. Click to go to the guidelines for each publication. Disclaimer: I post these links as a way of sharing the market information I find as I am working. This does not mean I endorse them. Please research all markets before submitting any material. Western New York […]

Weekend Assignment: Class of 2011

It may be a little early yet, but I’m thinking about graduation. My youngest son brought home his cap and gown last week and something about having a physical reminder in the house… well, it makes the pending ceremony more real. With graduation, comes advice, and advice is at the heart of this weekend’s writing […]

Writing Spies

Are you a writing spy? Dana of The Daily Dose is. In a recent blog post, she confesses: “I’m a writer; I’m a spy. I listen in on conversations, even those I’m not a part of, and I write down the things that you’ve said. I watch as you tap your wedding ring on the […]

Writing Advice from Yoda

Here’s a quick writing tip to help you spot places in your writing where you are telling instead of showing. The tip comes from Jedi master, Yoda himself. Remember this famous quote? “Do or do not. There is no try.” Keep those words in mind when you write fiction. Any time a character tries to […]

Writing Sparks: May 2011

What will you write about this month? If you need some ideas to get the creative juices flowing, try one of these writing sparks. Use the ideas individually, or mix and match them as your muse sees fit. Query Spark: This month it’s time to tote out those ideas best suited for November (assuming your […]