Writing: Increase the Output

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How many words did you write last week?
Kathleen Lindsay (1909-1973) wrote without a word processor and produced a whopping 904 novels in her 70 year life. Issac Asimov pounded out five novels in a single year. By the time she was 40, Joyce Carol Oates already had 33 books under her belt.

Okay, I’ll stop now because I’m giving myself a complex. The whole point of making that list was to show you it is possible to generate a great teeming horde of words in a short amount of time.

Fast writers use discipline and routines to churn out words. Granted, some of those routines are a bit odd as I discussed in my post on writing rituals, but they get the job done.

One sure-fire way to boost your output is to set an output  goal and give yourself a deadline. You can think in terms of word count: “I need to generate 20,000 words by the 15th of July,” or you can attach your deadline to project-specific goals: “I want to finish chapter six before the end of the month.” Writing a book proposal? Figure out when you want to start submitting it, then sit down with your calendar and map out the milestones you need to hit to make it happen.

If you stick to your self-imposed deadlines, your output will increase. And guess what? By forcing yourself to stick to those deadlines, you’ll be teaching yourself to write faster as well.

What tricks do you use to pump up the volume of your writing? Tell me about them in the comments.


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