Submit, Submit, Submit for June 2011

It’s time once again to share new market links. Click to go to the guidelines for each publication.

Disclaimer: I post these links as a way of sharing the market information I find as I am working. This does not mean I endorse them. Please research all markets before submitting any material.

  • Mental Floss is an off-beat magazine filled with trivia. They look for fun, witty pieces about every topic imaginable.
  • Poets & Writers gears its content to writers following a literary path. It features industry news, essays about the writing life, how-to articles, profiles and more.
  • The content on Animal Fair is geared toward animal rescue and advocacy. The site is low-paying and may not offer bylines. Research before submitting.
  • Humor, satire, and off-the-wall fun fill the pages of Mad Magazine.
  • You can view back issues of Washington Monthly online to get a feel for the tone and content of the magazine. Topics covered include politics, culture, media and more.

Want to find more markets? Click here.

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