Writing and Hoarding

Recently, I stumbled into the family room and encountered my husband and daughter sprawled out watching HOARDERS on cable. This particular evening’s show featured a man who hoarded rats. Yes. Let me say it again. Rats. Not just a few rats, either. Twenty-five HUNDRED rats.


The rats of Hamelin

Image via Wikipedia

Naturally, within 30 seconds I was completely sucked into the show. Not because I have a firm opinion about rats. I do not love, nor loathe them. No, I became ensnared because it allowed me to feel normal. I could say to others, “Hey, it could be worse. I could hoard rats.” And who doesn’t want to be able to say that?

Okay, so, maybe just me.

After last week’s computer fiasco (Read as: crash and burn) and the resulting new computer purchase, I came face to face with my own hoarding tendencies. The stack of magazines here, the piles of research there, and the filled-to-capacity-with-who-knows-what filing cabinet. My tiny office holds more writing-related detritus than I’d care to account for in this blog.

Once I removed the physical obstacles to installing a new computer, I encountered the digital ones. How many of those files from my old hard drive and system backups did I really need? Could I part with a few? If the old computer was a house, it would probably look like this.

I’m thinking it’s time for a little housekeeping around here.

How about you? Are you a writing hoarder? Do you keep story starts and sentence fragments? Can you construct office furniture from the piles of magazines, books, and research notes piled around your desk? How do you keep the clutter from taking over your space?


3 comments on “Writing and Hoarding

  1. You ask if I can construct furniture from the research materials, books, and magazines in my office like it’s a bad thing.

    When I have to do a quick clean, and don’t have time to go through the actual papers, I bundle them all together and stick them in the closet. Word of advice: Don’t open my closet.

    • i don’t think I can get to my closet at the moment. I’ve considered sealing it up and tacking a sign on it that says “here be dragons.”

      • At the moment, I have more of a writing studio than an office, so I have to be able to get into my closet, or else run around naked. This is generally frowned upon. The paper is starting to claim my shoes, though.

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