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I Want My… I Want My… BTV?

Video Book Blurbs Back in the early days of MTV, most rockers had no idea what a music video was supposed to look like. Those days marked a time of experimentation as musicians struggled to be “visual” as well as “vocal.” Music industry pioneers tested and tweaked (and sometimes downright sucked), but they drove the […]

WTH is FOTB? (And Why Writers Should Know)

FOTB. If you’re new to the game of writing for magazines, you may not know this acronym, but you should. No. Don’t try to say it. Your tongue may get tangled. This acronym is part of the alphabet soup of the writing world. It stands for “Front of the book,” and refers to sections of filler […]

Weekend Assignment: Lost and Found

Welcome to another edition of Weekend Assignment! The inspiration for this week’s prompt comes from The First Line, a literary magazine where all the stories open with the same first line. I like the idea of all the stories having the same starting point, but I want to shake things up a little more. Rather […]

Writing Contest: A Novel in Three Days?

Labor Day weekend is coming. Can you use those three days to write an entire novel? That’s the challenge posed by the International 3-Day Novel Contest, now in it’s 34th year. Unlike NaNoWriMo, where contestants attempt to write 50,000 words during the month of November, there are no length limits for a 3-day novel. Note, […]

Writing: Back to Basics

The neighborhood kids all went back to school last week, and I am here to report I successfully managed to avoid falling victim to the supply-buying frenzy that traps me every year at this time. Although, now that I think about it, I could use some new pens. With school back in session, it seems […]

Weekend Assignment: Classified

Does everybody know what time it is? Time for a new weekend writing challenge! This week’s writing assignment is black and white and read all over. No, not a newspaper, a classified ad! Take a moment to peruse the classified section of your newspaper. For sale… help wanted… single white female seeks…free to good home… Roommate […]

Odd Jobs: Writing for unusual markets

Over the past week, I’ve been working on creating digital versions of my favorite clips from days gone by. It always amazes me, when I flip back through my binder of clips, to see how much my writing has changed over the years. It’s definitely entertaining. One clip I scanned is on a coffee can […]

Discoveries: The One-Sentence Journal

Today’s post comes direct to you from The Happiness Project. I personally think this is a great way to keep track of what’s going on in your life from day to day. Plus, totally manageable. You can write just one more sentence each day, right? Of course you can. I recommend giving this a try. […]

Weekend Assignment: A Tale of Two Titles

Happy Friday! If it’s the weekend, it must be time for a new writing prompt. You ask, we deliver! This week I’m thinking about book titles. Sure, they can make you want to pick up a title and browse through its pages, but for me, the titles of books can be inspirational. Today, for example, […]

Flush Fiction – Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader seeks flash fiction

This anthology has a tight deadline: 8/31/11 They’re looking for fiction <1000 words for publication in 2012. Selected authors earn $50. Full submission details at Flush Fiction. The Bathroom Reader’s Institute (BRI) also works with freelance writers. Per their website: “If you’d like to become a freelance contributor to the BRI, send your resume and […]