Use a “Can-Doodle” Attitude to Boost Creativity

Have you doodled today? If not, you should consider it.

I’ve always loved to doodle. I doodle when I talk on the phone, while taking notes, and when the writing dries up and words won’t come. There’s something about a doodle that seems to free up my ideas and churn up new ones. Now studies support what I already knew: doodling aids comprehension, memory, and creativity.

Sunni Brown, an expert in visual thinking, and author of Gamestorming: a Playbook for Innovators, Rule Breakers, and Change Makers gave a TED talk on the subject.


Next time you need a creative boost, put on your “can-doodle” attitude and give doodling a try.


2 comments on “Use a “Can-Doodle” Attitude to Boost Creativity

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