Writing Sparks: December 2011

What will you write about this month? If you need some ideas to get the creative juices flowing, try one of these writing sparks. Use the ideas individually, or mix and match them as your muse sees fit.


Image by orkboi via Flickr

Query Spark: Ho-Ho-Ho! Editors this month are hanging their stockings by the chimney in hopes of receiving June-time queries. Weddings, summer vacations, and post-graduation (high school and college) will be hot this month.

Character Spark: Wake up a character who is NOT a morning person

Story Spark: As your protagonist walks down the street, s/he encounters random strangers who, in turns, murmur: “This isn’t real.” “How can you believe this?” “Open your eyes!”

Setting Spark: Get in touch with your inner wild thing with a fantastical setting like the one shown here.

Fun Spark: I love list poems. For fun, start every item on your list with the word MORE like this list.

Need more inspiration? Click here.

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2 comments on “Writing Sparks: December 2011

  1. That picture of the “NOT a morning person” just cracked me up. That has to go in a novel somewhere…

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