25 Ways to Summon the Writing Spirit

1. Read

2. Listen to music that inspires you.

3.  Channel surf the Internet with StumbleUpon

4. Work with your hands.

5. Take a long shower.

6. Make a list of 100 ideas.

7. Go for a walk.

8. Eavesdrop.

9. Allow yourself to get silly. Take the writing in an unpredictable direction and see what happens.

1o. Write a simile or metaphor about anything in your writing space.

11. Start with a prompt.

12. Watch people.

13. Watch the news (truth is stranger than fiction, after all).

14. Allow yourself to write garbage.

15. Doodle.

16. Find a contest to enter.

17. Step out of your comfort zone. Write something different from what you usually write.

18. Daydream.

19. Change from writing at your computer to writing longhand or vice versa.

20. Ask questions like “What if…” and “How come…” then dream up some answers.

21. Write somewhere different. A simple shift from your desk to the kitchen table may be all it takes.

22. Use the Explore feature of  flickr.com, choose an image and write a story about it.

23. Learn something new.

24. Go non-linear. Don’t know how the article or story starts? Write the part you know right now and come back to the other parts later.

25. Borrow words.

3 comments on “25 Ways to Summon the Writing Spirit

  1. What a great list, I may have to borrow several of these, the creative juices have been slowing down lately with expectations. The list is a good one, thanks!

    • Borrow away! That’s what they’re there for. I find that the later it gets in the year and the more crowded my schedule becomes, the less creativity I’m able to muster. This list is a great way to “kick-start” my muse.

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